Our Procedures & Tests include: Check-up of breathing and pressure; Test of skeleton development; Physical examination of feet; Test of body`s temperature (rectal); Check-up of dick (cervix inspection) and balls; Rectal examination (anal probes, palpation, speculums); Prostata massage; Shaving; Test of erection and cum, etc...
PREVIEW: Medical exam of Limas
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As soon as Limas was instructed to remove all of his clothing, his face turned a bright red from embarrassment. He didn''t know that his exam would include humiliation but thatís what he was about to get. He stripped nude and obeyed every order from the female doctor. She made him urinate into a cup, measured his soft penis, and started to rub her hands all over his chest. Before too long, he found himself bent over the exam table and getting his asshole probed by the doctors'' fingers. This was an exam that Limas would never forget!

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